Looking back and wondering.

Laurie's Photos and Musings

Blogging is an interesting pastime, you get to write about what makes you tick, the things you’re passionate about, or even your favourite recipes, photos or events. I’ve had a great time since January 2012, the ups and downs in life, the excitement of writing and publishing novels, the interaction with and meeting a lot of nice folk. During this time I’ve opened up and poured my heart and soul out to the world, maybe a little too much, I don’t know. After going back through some of my posts, especially those of a deeply personal nature, ie suicide, I noticed a fall off in likes and comments. Now don’t get me wrong here, I’m not complaining just observing. It seems that mental illness, suicide and abuse are still taboo subjects. I’ve brought this up because I have one part of my life that hasn’t been aired in any real…

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