The Strength of the Walking Wounded…

Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman!

We are obsessed with conditions and syndromes, physical infirmities and mental dis-ease. We test, judge, medicate, look down upon, feel sorry for – and, bluntly, often see the Walking Wounded as incomplete, flawed, non-functioning human beings.

We say the word ‘depression’ with a kind of tolling bell, as if the mere sight of those letters in that combination were a death knell for the individual. We often secretly sneer at those who have anxiety, thinking that they are wimps, cowards, that their fears are ridiculous, that they are not jolly well trying hard to enough to get over it. We categorise those with dyslexia or dyspraxia as thick and educationally subnormal. We link BPD and Manic Depression (Bi Polar Condition) with the true sociopaths and psychopaths. We call others dysfunctional at the drop of a hat.

We make assumptions about those who, like me, have a place on the Autistic…

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