The Other Dark

A Love of Writing


It’s been nearly two weeks since my life as I’ve known it, changed forever. As I sit here writing, I now realize this will be my last journal entry. Sunset is only a few short hours away, and I’ve made my decision. I know it’s the only way, I will finally find peace. Before continuing, I think I need to tell you a little about myself, so you fully understand the path I’m slowly, and inexorably being drawn toward.

I’m a large man – both strong, and self-assured. The type of man, women move closer to at isolated bus stops, crowded elevators, and late-night subway rides. It’s not because I’m exceptionally handsome, or even particularly interesting. I think they sense, I’m someone who lives his life by specific, and uncompromising rules of behavior. A man who has seen and understands evil, and will not tolerate it in his presence. Sometimes…

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