Result of Radiotherapy Treatment

Stevie Turner

I’ve enjoyed the summer, but always in the back of my mind has been the knowledge that at the end of August I’d have to undergo an ultrasound scan of my neck to find out if the 30 sessions of radiotherapy had been effective.  The radiation continues working for 3 months after the last dose (which was May 10th), and now the waiting has come to an end.  I’ve had to return from the Isle of Wight especially for the ultrasound, but will be speeding my way back there again on Friday for a week,  whatever the outcome.

This afternoon I set off once again for Addenbrooke’s Hospital, my heart beating a little bit faster than usual.  I knew that if the treatment hadn’t worked then there wasn’t much more the doctors could do, apart from giving me kinase inhibitor tablets, Sorafenib, to take for the rest of my life to try and hold…

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