Understanding Tribes on Triberr #MondayBlogs

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Hello, SEers! Mae here with today’s #MondayBlog topic. Many of you may already be familiar with the social media platform, Triberr, but I’m finding quite a few online friends who aren’t. Now, before you roll your eyes and start moaning about something else to learn, Triberr takes very little babysitting, and when used properly, allows its members to reap plentiful rewards.

If you look up “tribe” in the dictionary, you’ll find a definition similar to this:

“A group of people or a community with similar values or interests.”

There are other definitions, but this one suits the purpose of my post.

Triberr is a free platform where bloggers who share a similar interest band together to form tribes based on those interests. There are two paid levels of membership, but I’ve found the free level more than adequate.

Each tribe has a chief who is able to invite others to…

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    • Hi, Stevie. That does happen, but I’ve found enough people share my posts to make Triberr beneficial. Some tribes enforce that you share all posts and others that you need only share those related to your brand. I think the tighter your membership to the topic (of your tribe) the more likelihood you have of posts being shared. I’m now a member of four tribes and I see a lot of my posts being shared to Twitter. I will admit, I don’t share every post in every tribe I belong to. Some just don’t fit with my brand 🙂

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