The Eyes Have It

Stevie Turner

I finished training on the new hospital system and yesterday (after a 3 year break) was my first full day let loose as an actual medical secretary.  At 9am, slightly nervous as to which department I would be sent to, I met up with my manager and waited for the news which wasn’t long in coming.  I would be going to ‘Eyes’ for the day, a department I’d not worked in before.

The Eye Clinic is in a modern building at the back of the hospital.  I walked over there with my trusty rucksack and presented at the clinic reception.  The senior secretary was bleeped and I met Sue for the first time, who picked up on my nervousness straight away and reassured me I’d soon get the hang of it.  I was given an office on my own (wonderful!) with a fan and an open window.  Could things get…

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