Hidden gems – Hoar Cross

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hoar cross church (16)

The church of the Holy Angels at Hoar Cross is one I had tried to get into before. The first  time it was a summer’s day, but I did not manage to get inside until the rain highlighted the stark colours of a winter landscape and reflections shimmered on wet stone.

hoar cross church (6)hoar cross church (9)

It is not the usual age for the churches we visit, being a mere babe of a place.I have to be honest, it was the name ‘Hoar Cross’ that had made me curious in the first place, indicating, I assumed, a place of some antiquity, so I was a little disappointed on my initial visit to find that the church is a Victorian edifice, but if Betjeman could call it a masterpiece, it had to be worth a visit.

hoar cross church (8)hoar cross church (11)

The pink sandstone echoes the red brick of the Hall beside the church and the history of the two is…

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