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A question of class
Despising the commoners
Civic pride forgets
Society’s vagabonds
Unwanted hearts in service

Two pigeons, side by side, pecking at crumbs on a city street. It is not an unusual sight. Flying rats, many call them. They are mated for life and will mourn the death of their mate.  The authorities tell us not to feed them as their presence damages buildings, costing those same authorities a huge amount of money. But we feed them anyway, when revellers drop half-eaten burgers and unemptied bins overflow. The pigeons’ clean up operation serves the city and brings wild life to the streets.

A city council pins legal notices to the bags of homeless people. Their presence on the streets may cost them a fine of thousands of pounds they do not have. Their presence is “having a detrimental effect … on the quality of life” of the city dwellers…

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