Going Back to Work

Stevie Turner

On Monday I went back to work for the first time after a 3 year hiatus.  During those three years I’d undergone a major operation on my neck and 30 radiotherapy treatments for thyroid cancer, and also had been looking after my 92 year old mother until her death earlier this year.  I was now, of my own choice, a medical secretary for 2 days per week,  covering for holiday leave and sickness in any department where I was needed.

It felt strange walking to the hospital from where most staff park their cars for free (too many staff and visitors and not enough parking spaces at the hospital).  It’s about a mile from the rugby club’s authorised parking area to the hospital, and as I walked I noticed a twinge in my left knee that hadn’t been there 3 years previously.  Nevertheless, still determined as ever not to take the courtesy shuttle…

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