One Word Photo Challenge: Horse


“Good morning Horse” said Chicken, scratching around in the dry earth for something to eat.

“You’re up early” Horse replied curiously, ambling slowly to the fence and shaking his head. “I don’t usually see you around here.” He munched on a particularly sweet clump of grass at the foot of the paddock fencing. Chickens usually stick to their own end of the farm he thought to himself.

“I didn’t sleep well” Chicken replied, “they stole my babies again yesterday, bastards they are!”

“Again?” Horse responded quizzically, “Do they steal your babies often?” This sounded rather terrible he thought.

“Every time!” Chicken responded, quite upset. ”And it isn’t just me. Every morning they turn up and take our babies away and there is nothing we can do!”

Horse considered this for a while. ”Nothing at all?” he asked still chewing.

“Not a thing!” Chicken replied. ”Have you seen the size of…

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