A game of peaks and troughs

The Silent Eye

I have spent a long time, over the years, watching lives drawn on screens by a moving point of light. Watching those monitor, I couldn’t help comparing them to the video games my sons used to play where their on-screen characters had a life-counter. Nor could I help thinking how closely the human heartbeat resembles the life that it counts.

Most of the time its measured beat runs like clockwork, a predictable organic machine that its inorganic counterpart displays upon the screen as a series of peaks and troughs. There is a regularity about them, each beat made up of multiple events that must reach both apex and nadir before repeating the cycle.

The similarities with daily life are easy to discern… most of us are, in some way, regulated by the clock. It calls us to work, to meals, to the commute or the school run… each day has…

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