Retalio (Roma Nova #6) by @alison_morton alternative Rome #HistFic series #fridayreads

Rosie Amber

Retalio (Roma Nova #6)Retalio by Alison Morton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Retalio is book #6 in the Roma Nova series. Once again the book is set around the 1980s in a fictional Roman Empire existing in an alpine setting.

Aurelia Mitela, ex-Foreign Minister, is currently exiled in New Austria. Accused of betrayal and collaboration by fellow exiles because of a clever twist of facts by revolutionary Caius Tellus, Aurelia is isolated. Caius plans to completely destroy the old order and the rule of the twelve families, replacing the female dominated nation with one where males are the new leaders.

Not content to stay in her new home, Aurelia works hard to build relations with other exiles, raise funds needed to support them, and make plans to take back her beloved country. Ever conscious that Caius will try to sabotage her plans or even snatch her, she marries her partner to gain…

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