Insurrectio (Roma Nova #5) by @alison_morton alternative Roman #HistFic series

Rosie Amber

Insurrectio (Roma Nova, #5)Insurrectio by Alison Morton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Insurrectio by Alison Morton is book #5 in the Roma Nova series. I have read several other books in the series so, recognised many of the characters and the setting straight away. Fictional Roma Nova is this author’s vision of how the Roman Empire might have survived and how it fits into today’s modern Europe. Each book has a little background to the series, explaining how a few Roman families escaped the fall of the empire and made their way to an alpine enclave in Europe. Here they continued their lineage using females to rule their nation.

Insurrectio is set in the 1980s. Aurelia Mitela, Foreign Minister and Imperial Councillor, is advised that her old adversary Caius Tellus is about to be released from prison. Returning to Roma Nova, he secretly works to gain power, undermining the current leadership.


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