Gratuitous Unpleasantness

Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman!

I am getting heartily sick of ploughing through ever-more vitriolic and, in my view, inflammatory comments whenever I wander onto the Social Sites.

We all have our off days. We all feel angry, wounded and got at from time to time. We all read insult into innocent comments on occasions.

But, as I used to advise the children I taught (though in a different context), ‘Think before you ink…’

I am no whited sepulchre on this matter – and of this I am well aware: can rant for the Known Universe, though I do draw the line at going on to another person’s site with the intention of starting a quarrel.

But I object to the vituperative nastiness of some comments I read. I abhor the way certain individuals use another person’s post or status as a springboard to vent all kind of gratuitous, and often vindictive, spite.

We will

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