The Wyrm and the Wyrd: A life in pictures

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When we had finished looking at the Saxon crosses and the yew trees, we headed into the little Church of the Holy Cross. Even the doorway looked promising, especially as the porch was home to a nest of swallows, darting in and out to feed their young. Even after all this time and the number of ancient churches we have visited, there is still a thrill when you put your hand to the handle. Will it be open or locked? And if it yields to our touch, what will you find? Simplicity or ostentation? There is always history, but sometimes it is just interesting… sometimes it is spectacular. It does not seem to bear any relation to the size of the church, but the older its origins, the more disappointed you are when the past has been erased. Either way, you never know until the door opens.

In this case…

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