The Wyrm and the Wyrd – Imps and crosses

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To be fair, the weekend was over…officially at least… but we had scrounged an extra day to go exploring so, for us, the current of discovery continued. The day dawned fair but overcast, with that strange quality of light that intensifies colours to impossibilities. There were a couple of places we wanted to visit, so, ignoring the sighs of the overworked car, we headed for the hills and the Staffordshire village of Ilam on the River Manifold.

It would appear that ‘our’ territory is gradually expanding. Although we get to explore new places through the Silent Eye’s weekends in the landscape, our little corner of the Yorkshire/Derbyshire border is only a few miles square. Over the past few months we seem to have been gently pulled beyond the well-known sites into new places. With the way that we work, we do not simply go to new places, we feel we…

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