The Frolics at Nightbell Gardens

Tallis Steelyard


Every city has its foibles, this is self evident. I’d go so far as to suggest that every city has bizarre customs that seem entirely sensible to the citizens but which leave the populace of other lesser cities scratching their heads in puzzlement.

Hence apparently in the city of Battern it is not the custom to dine together in large numbers. Instead the inhabitants tend to dine in small groups, each a gathering of intimates, for quiet discussion over the food. Yet on the city will erect a great marquee for some grand event such as the ritual excoriation of the official holding the rank of High Chair. On these joyous occasions a thousand or more of them will dine together.

On the other hand, on the Incense islands, lawyers are treated almost as pariahs, or perhaps rather as if they were priests of one of the more masochistic religions…

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