Village Life – The Post Office

Stevie Turner

David used to run the post office in the village before it closed recently due to the Royal Mail’s cutbacks.  When we first moved here in 1991 he ran it with the help of his wife Ann and Ann’s parents.  Ann’s mother Caroline and her husband John would serve sweets and stationery on one side of the post office, and David would deal with all post office matters behind a security desk on the other side.  When their two children were in school, Ann would help her husband.  All six of them lived ‘over the shop’ so to speak in the same house, where their front room had been turned into the shop floor.

Villagers would enjoy the relaxed atmosphere inside the post office and often stand chatting for quite a while.  We would often invite David and Ann’s eldest daughter Lisa over to our house to play with our boys.  Lisa would…

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