Thursday – A Little Personal – The Toy

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“Excuse me, John.”

“Yes, Stella what is it?”

“Shouldn’t those canines be playing instead of sleeping all day?”

“I think you have a point. Let me talk to them.”

“Lucy. Wake up.”

“Huh…wait, what boss?”

“Don’t you think you and Bailey ought to do something other than sleep on the couch.”

Stella, Bailey and Lucy

“Aw. . . Man, Boss. I’m glad you woke me I had this dream that I was sleeping next to Stella.”

“Never happen. See you even dream of sleeping in your sleep. You guys need to do something.

“How about you, Bailey.”

“Gosh, Pop. I’m good right where I am. Er, what did you have in mind?”

“So Lucy. Here is a toy. Why not play.”

“Boss, boss, boss. You expect me to play with a terry cloth pig? Maybe Stella would do that. Not I.”

“Nope, I’m good, John. Got my three-headed snake on a stick.”

“Here Bailey. Take this…

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