Guest author: C. S. Boyack – The Enhanced League

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Craig Boyack, master of the short story, has been allowed out to play on his own by the magnificent Lisa Burton. But only to introduce his new book… The Enhanced League…

Thanks, Sue, for lending me your blog today to talk about my newest release, The Enhanced League. This is about a fictional baseball league where anything goes as far as performance enhancing drugs. It also takes on more spectacle than regular baseball and could complete with pro wrestling on that front.

As an author, I look at my process as a journey more than a destination. I try to make improvements with every release, and I believe in trying new things. As such, I have a personal challenge in every book I release.

My collections of short stories and micro-fiction have been pretty popular. When I wrote my second Experimental Notebook, one of the stories I…

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