5 Stages of Reading a Good #Thriller Novel #MondayBlogs #GripLit


You can’t beat a good dark and twisted thriller novel. I enjoy the unsettled feeling a good thriller gives me. The powerful thriller plot twists are exhilarating too and I urge the thriller author to treat me a bit rough (in the book sense) and yank the carpet out from under my feet. I want the plot to twist and turn so much I become an emotional mess.

By the end I want to be left gasping, their book in one hand and in the other a large glass of wine (which I poured myself near the end, as the tension mounted).

As a thriller reader I demand unreliable narrators, dark desires being played out with serious consequences, terrible secrets and hidden crimes.

I write romantic comedy novels and tend to read only romance, but I do love what I call a thriller reading break. With thrillers I can let…

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