Open Book Blog Hop – 10th July

Stevie Turner

This week we’re giving readers an insight into our other non-writing career, and so as I’ve recently gone back to work part-time to cover holidays and sickness,  I’d like to give you a day in the life of a medical secretary. 

The job has changed dramatically from when I first started 13 years ago.  Now the system is totally electronic and we don’t have to deal with trollies full of patients’ notes, so here’s what I would have to do in a day:

  1. Check answerphone messages from the previous day and deal with those.
  2. Collect and open the day’s post and deal with each piece of correspondence.
  3. Collect patients’ folders from Medical Records who are attending your consultant’s clinic on that day.  The folders just contain address labels in case the patient has a further appointment or procedure, and blank clinic headed notepaper for scanning after the consultant has written on it.  In…

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