A Barbeque to End All Barbeques

Stevie Turner, Indie Author.

On Saturday about 40 people including Sam and myself were invited to the quite exquisite house of a work colleague of Sam’s for a barbeque.  The large detached house is situated in the stock-broker belt of the Berkshire countryside near to the M4 motorway,  and amongst other wonderful features boasts its own home brewery in the garage, and a cinema room in the basement.  Whatever Tom is selling, he’s selling a lot of it, and good luck to him.

Tom and Diane are foodies, and were proud to tell us that all the beer and everything cooking on the barbeque had been home made or prepared with their own barbeque sauces and marinades.  There were various ovens on the go out on the patio, and a smokehouse next to the brewery with a brisket of beef in it all ready for serving.  A huge chef with his trousers fashionably low over enormous buttocks stood over the produce, spraying barbeque…

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