What’s Your Truth?


My truth is being grateful for the blessings the Universe continues to bestow upon me as it relates to fulfilling the highest expression of self and becoming the best version of me.

Waking up each day, doing what I love is like no other feeling in the world. Getting to experience relationship with those within my concentric circle is an adventure in itself. The ability to walk, run, jump and climb never gets old. 

I-Can-Dance-Still-1-no-textThe opportunity to connect with the world around me and add value to others is priceless. Finding truth in my own life—moving from being to becoming—and living in oneness with the universal consciousness gives meaning and depth to my humanity. 

It is so easy to take life for granted—not taking time to appreciate the little things—a stranger’s smile, the lone wild flower in the middle of a field, dogs running in the park, kids learning to…

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