Thursday Cite & Insight Invite – 29th June

Stevie Turner

I’ve just finished reading a psychological thriller, ‘The Girlfriend’ by Michelle Frances, which reminded me of this quote I read a long time ago by D.H Lawrence:

‘A mother is a man’s first, great love’. 

I must admit, ‘The Girlfriend’ is a rather gripping story.  There is Cherry, the estate agent from the wrong side of the tracks, wanting to better herself and forget where she came from, and there is Daniel, trainee doctor and son of wealthy parents, who is looking for a flat in the rich part of London.  To add to this cosy couple there is also Laura, Daniel’s mother, who soon is of the opinion that Cherry is a gold-digger and has taken up with Daniel for what she can get out of him.

It’s the classic daughter-in-law syndrome, and one which I wrote about back in 2015.  Poor Daniel is caught in the middle of a warring mother and…

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