Writing Is MY Way Of Life


Writing is MY way of life—it is my passion and true love. Writing enables me to do what I love doing the most, and that is constructing stories and experiences that give my life meaning and add value to others’ lives.

Writing is my personal journey of being to becoming. Being implies accepting and embracing ALL of me—the noble me and the flawed me, the tolerant me and the smugly moralistic me, the blithesome me and the dispirited me, the celebrated me and the unacknowledged me. Becoming suggests that I am a complete individual while welcoming opportunities to stretch beyond the limits of my creative endurance.

Writing is my teacher. Writing teaches me to regard the inestimability of human connection and relationship. Writing teaches me the value of embracing the mystery of each person’s existence—beyond race, gender, ethnicity or philosophical worldview.  

6358814111864301781095310486_writer1.jpgWriting instructs me on how to live in…

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