On Being A Writer – Guest Post by Jaye Marie

Allison Maruska

Today’s guest post comes courtesy of Jaye Marie, author of Broken Life.  I hope you enjoy her story of how she became a writer, and if you enjoy mystery/thrillers, be sure to check out the links at the end.

Take it away, Jaye!

blog tour pic I had no intention of becoming a writer. I loved to read, and for most of my life, that was enough for me. More than enough really, for I am a compulsive reader and will read anything I can lay my hands on. Give me a bookshelf full of books and I will start at one end and read my way to the other.

Then I offered to edit my sister’s books. She hates computers, so I offered to type them up too. Before I knew it, my brain began to explore what other things I could be doing.

I tried to ignore that inner voice, for…

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