A bit of a wander

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Both me and the dog are back home once again, melting in the heat. Ani appears to have been having a fair bit of fun… she has evidently been helping with a bit of house-painting; the black and white animal currently grinning at me from the sofa is, in patches at least, whiter than usual. I, on the other hand, am…at least in patches… redder than usual, having been caught unawares by the heatwave. While much of the exposed flesh has turned a nice golden brown, ‘driver’s arm’ was inevitable and the tan is a tad lopsided.

But that is fine. Between the workshop and our bit of a holiday, we have seen some amazing things, visited some incredible ancient sites and breathed in some of the most beautiful landscapes you could imagine.

First and foremost was the workshop…our main reason for going to Wales. But there was time…

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