Reaching for the sun

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Derbyshire (4)It doesn’t really matter where we think dreams come from, they often have things to say. Some regard them as spiritual, most accept their psychology but however we see them it is undeniable that we access areas not usually available to our waking thought.

Dreams may begin in that liminal hinterland before the candle of consciousness is snuffed out for the night and then we have that odd state where we observe the dream unfolding beyond our control and yet retain control of our conscious thoughts and can ‘make notes’. As I sank into slumber, I was in that state and quite firmly telling myself I’d have to get the dictionary out in the morning, scrawling notes on a mental blackboard that I could ‘read’ when awake. It wasn’t that I didn’t recognise the word, but in that context, it was going to have to be thought about.

Derbyshire (5)The speaker…

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