I Won The ABBA Funniest Blog Award So Here’s A Very Long, Odd Joke To Celebrate

Tara Sparling writes

Winner-Funniest-BlogI WON A PRIZE! In London!! Which feels somehow better than a domestic one!! (Please see 800 years of confused and conflicted Irish history for details).

The Annual Bloggers’ Bash and Awards (ABBA) 2017 took place on Saturday 11th June in London, when the folks there announced I had won first place in the Funniest Blogger competition. I know it’s terribly clichéd, but I truly was gobsmacked. I did not expect this at all at all. So to celebrate, I would like now to perplex you.

You see, I wrote something which doesn’t fit anywhere other than on this blog. Sometimes things pour out of my head that have no discernible home ANYWHERE. And what is the point of having a blog, unless I can inflict them upon nice unsuspecting people like you?

Last week I got personal with the essay, in which I tackled my fears. This week I don’t know what I’ve written. It might be an essay. Or perhaps…

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