Camera shy

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Why is it that on photographs
My friends all seem much thinner,
While I appear as if
I ate an elephant for dinner?

My clothing says I’m not too bad,
And, with elastication,
There’s still a bit of growing room
To suit my generation.

Why is it that the years
Have been much kinder to their faces,
While I seem full of blurry bits
And wrinkles in odd places?

The mirror doesn’t paint me
Looking older than creation!
Or is that wishful thinking?
And a good imagination?

But does it really matter
If the laughter leaves its trace?
Or if with age our figures
Have relaxed to suit our pace?

I look into your eyes and read
The child, the youth, the age,
And understand the beauty
That is written on each page.

For what the camera cannot see
And where the mirror lies,
Is when it fails to see

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