Hypothyroidism: Living with Chronic Illness…

Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman!


I should, perhaps, have anticipated this: As a family, we are somewhat prone to diseases relating to the immune system, and were – as one of my siblings once commented –  not short of the old exophthalmic eyes. Although the aforesaid ocular protuberances were actually related to hyper, rather than hypo, thyroidism, weaknesses in thyroid function – along, sadly, with some forms of female cancer – were far from uncommon amongst the wider Browning tribe.

It all kicked off in 2009: Weight gain, severe palpitations and panic attacks, feeling cold most of the time, memory problems, aching joints and a feeling of constant slug-like lassitude. Because the previous three years had been so difficult, I put these feelings down to emotional stress, or menopause, but went along to the surgery to have a raft of blood tests just to be on the safe side.

What I was not expecting was…

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