The Magical Mailing List

Evie Gaughan

4641693023_942b8b2232_nIf I hear one more author tell me how VITALLY IMPORTANT a mailing list is, I think I’ll scream.  Swear words.  The bad ones.  The more observant among you will notice a new pop-up box asking you to join MY mailing list – don’t run away!!  This is merely my feeble attempt to jump on the wagon I should have flagged down four years ago, when this whole crazy thing started.  But do feel free to close it and completely ignore my cutesy request to give me your email address.  I know I would.  So how are other authors doing it?  Building up mailing lists with thousands of addresses (allegedly)?  Some say that they give away a free book to entice people.  Eh… so do I, it’s on Amazon, where anyone can download it.  No strings attached.  (Betwixt – a free short story that I wrote for readers who…

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2 thoughts on “The Magical Mailing List

  1. I struggle with this too, people are always complaining that they get too many emails so I don’t feel right nagging them to join my list. The few I have get my blog sent to them, I haven’t done any book promotions via email yet.

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