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It’s been all sticky, hot and torrid,
Now, the weather’s downight horrid;
All we’ve got is clouds and rain..
The English summer’s back again.

The roses glowing in the sun
Have lost their petals, one by one,
Weighed down beneath the weight of rain
But, hopefully, they’ll bloom again.

The lawn has drunk and now will grow
Much faster than my arms can mow…
But where the sun and rain have been
It’s really such a vivid green.

The small dog wanders in and out
Then snuggles up, with rain-soaked snout,
She’s dripping on my floor, all wet…
So I won’t need to bathe her yet!

Each day may hold its share of woe,
We can’t predict, we cannot know,
If, as our challenges begin,
A silver lining hides within.

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