Auditions, Clowns, Looks and me…

Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman!

I have always found auditions, interviews and any other process which involves competing for a part, or job, profoundly terrifying, distressing and confronting. My assumption, for many a decade, has always been – at a very deep level – that I will be the last one to be picked for a team (as it were), and only chosen when nothing better presents itself.

For many many years, I coped with this massive insecurity and low sense of self-worth by refusing to engage with the audition in its widest sense: I gave up very quickly on traditional publishers for this reason; I was convinced I was not good enough to act, sing, dance, play my instruments in public and kept away from stages, drama groups and the like.

We all get setbacks when it comes to being chosen for things – and often this sense of being inferior links directly to…

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