#RevOfKindness Challenge Week 4 Kindness Role Model @NikiMeadowsWA #SundayBlogShare

Rosie Amber

Week 4 of the RevOfKindness Challenge is about Kindness Role Models

I chose to look at this from nature’s point of view. Whilst out walking I meditated on the humble bee. According to the bumblebee conservation organisation there are around 250 species in the UK: 24 special bumblebees, 225 solitary bees species and only 1 honeybee variety.

I thought about how a bee has the ability to fly between each flower and through an action, which has no malice, drinks nectar whilst providing a pollinating service. A bumblebee lives in a small colony and creates only enough honey-like substance for its own colony. A honeybee lives in a much larger colony and can produce more honey than the “hive” can eat.  Beekeepers usually manage honeybee hives and it can be an extremely peaceful and fulfilling interaction. In return for a safe home, from predators and the cold winter months, bees…

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