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Title: 13 Steps to Evil: How to Craft Superbad Villains

Author: Sacha Black

Category: Writers’ Craft Series

13 Steps to EvilMy Review:

I’ve followed Sacha Black’s blog for quite some time and thoroughly enjoy reading her posts on every aspect of the writing profession. When I heard that she had produced the first book in her writers’ craft series I was excited to learn more.

13 Steps to Evil is a unique look at crafting the villain within your story. Novice writers may be thrown off course by the revelation that the bad guy is just as important as the hero, but Sacha explains why this is so in full detail. As with her online work, the author’s voice shines through, and I loved this about the book. Yes, there is a touch of bad language, but there is also that quirky and refreshing style that keeps you reading, and…

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