Beautiful people

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I took far too many photographs in Glastonbury…and so far the tale of that weekend has not reached its culmination with the raising of the Maypole! But there were so many fabulous costumes, so many beautiful people, that it seems a shame to leave them to languish in my folders.

There was every conceivable variety of Green Man and Woman. There were knights and Spring Maidens, Arthurian figures and fairies… and so many May blossom wreaths that the air of the town was fragrant.

They were beautiful people… all of them. Not because they were dressed in flowers and velvet, but because there was a shared buzz in the air… a genuine feeling of celebration… and more than anything, because they were out there being themselves.

I had been wearing a long green dress the first day … the next day it was jeans and jumper, but I still wore…

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