Art in the Courtyard

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One of the joys of any visit to Glastonbury is, for me, the artwork. It is everywhere in the town, from public art to glorious graffiti. Almost every shop sells handcrafted work in every imaginable medium, from paintings and sculpture to clothing and jewellery… with the weird, wild and wonderful in between.

The buildings themselves are, for the most part, very old and date back centuries. The Tribunal and the George and Pilgrim, for example, date back to the 15th century. Many buildings are carved with strange creatures or enigmatic figures. There are odd door-knockers and narrow alleys… but everywhere there is something to catch the attention.

As most people had followed the maypole up the hill, there was a lull in proceedings and the town was suddenly quiet. We took the opportunity to pay the obligatory visit to Star Child. I would have gone there, just to breathe…

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