Body Part Cakes and Me!

Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman!


I love baking. Cakes and biscuits are my main talent and passion  – and that’s just the eating of them!

So, years back, a sibling was diagnosed with cancer and, at around the same time, a colleague and friend at work was found to have the ovarian variety. There was nothing I could do medically for either lady, but I wanted to support the cancer battle in some way. I scratched and hunted around in the attic of my mind – and remembered my childhood and the happy times cooking patisserie.

An idea was born: I would make brightly-coloured cakes, shaped roughly like bosoms, or teal coloured for the Eve Appeal – and would sell them, at school, to raise money for charity.

Each year, from then onwards, I created four (or maybe more; I cannot now recall exact numbers) large cakes. The photo above shows my style! Having baked…

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