Destiny by @TheIndiaRAdams Book #2 Forever series of romantic #Fantasy #wwwblogs

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Destiny (Forever, #2)Destiny by India R. Adams
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Four Point Five Stars

Destiny is book #2 in the ‘Forever’ series of romantic fantasies. It continues the story of Serenity, a young woman who suffered abuse when growing up, but is now surrounded by a group of dedicated protectors.

This group is led by her devoted husband Dereck, who is a football player and, more recently, a budding musician. Near the end of book #1, Dereck and Serenity met country singer Destiny at a concert, and immediately there was a connection for them both.

In this book, we are taken along on the road as Destiny and Dereck tour with the band. Serenity joins them and explores her growing relationship with Destiny in moments of quiet. I thought the atmosphere and camaraderie on the tour bus and at concert locations was very well written, giving the characters depth…

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