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The One Memory of Flora BanksThe One Memory of Flora Banks by Emily Barr
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The One Memory Of Flora Banks is a young adult contemporary novel.

The prologue opens with an abstract scene from a beautiful, cold place. The narrator is running away from a dangerous hut; she can’t remember why.

Chapter one begins in Penzance, Cornwall. Seventeen year old Flora Banks is at a party, observing rather than participating; she’s feeling self-conscious about wearing what she considers the wrong type of clothes. The party is for Drake, her best friend Paige’s boyfriend, who is leaving to study in Svalbord, a Norwegian town in the Arctic circle.

Flora has Anterograde Amnesia left from a brain tumour when she was ten. To aid her ill-functioning memory, Flora writes herself notes: on her hands, on post-it notes and in her notebook. At home, there are notes written all over the house…

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