May 18th 2017

Today I set up a Hootsuite account for my magazine. I think if I’m being honest with myself I’m disappointed with the amount of interaction that each issue gets in comparison to how much work goes into each issue. So I’m trying to fix that by being a bit more consistent with my social media promotion of it.

It’s just kind of demoralising to put weeks of effort into producing something that I’m proud of, for it only to get 5 retweets and 2 likes. My actual viewing figures for the magazine aren’t bad, I’m just not really growing my audience much. So I need to figure out a way of doing that.

My problem is that I’ve tried to do things a little differently. I don’t want it to turn into a clickbait, share-whore type publication. I want it to present itself with respect and decency. So…

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