Embracing Your Inner Weirdo #MondayBlogs #Writer @a_m_cullens


One things I love about Instagram is how it enables you to connect with amazing creative people through the medium of photos.

I am so grateful to Instagram as it has allowed me to meet the very talented Adelise M Cullens who describes herself as a ‘hugger,writer, reader and lover of colourful hair’.

Her Instagram feed is fab, deliciously dark in places, colourful and it will make you smile. She’s also on Wattpad and her dark fairytale ‘Between Lost and Found’ is a little bit special.

When she agreed to write me a guest post I was so thrilled I did a series of little star jumps, followed by an uncontrolled cart-wheel in my lounge (for noting – I never did like the vase which connected with my fluffy slipper, during the rotation of my pyjamas legs).

So, here she is – Adelise M Cullens!

Embracing Your Inner Weirdo.

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