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Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman!

I have written hundreds, probably thousands, of posts in which I explain my feelings, even emote through words – but feelings themselves are physical, at least to start with, and so, today, I am attempting to express this physicality and immediacy in alliterative onomatopoiea.

Chunky clunking crunch in chest and stomach, casting of stone particles in head – clattering and crashing against the cranium. Icicles of irritation chipping and cracking, shards littering the mind, mournful moans muffling raw and raving rage…

…and so I wake, weary and wuzzy, wanting nothing but to slide back into sleep’s sheath and shut out the shining of dawn.

Organs ooze ominously, boiling in in tooth-baring bouillabaisse of bile. Canine clacking of claws and primitive pacing and panting, nocturnal nightmare, pain-wracked, nothing soothing, helpless in the hurricane of hurting bones and mushy soup of mind; standing, a staring statue, outside in midnight pelting rain, as…

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