Hey, Look At Me! Hugely Insightful Interview of Dan Alatorre on “Writing To Be Read” – Learn Important Stuff! (Probably)

Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR

Check me out! The fine folks at Writing To Be Read were kind enough to talk to me about my latest books and also my writing habits, plus I pass along some insights into the writing world.

I sound pretty good in this!

writing to be read interview

By far, this is my most involved, educational interview I’ve even done, You really should read it if you want to write books.

Here are a few samples, and the rest is over at Writing To Be Read.

Today, I have have a real treat for you on Writing to be Read. My interview today is with a very funny guy, who is a successful independent author. He’s a family man, with a background in business, so book marketing and promotion is just another part of the  job for him. He’s got two books which have both been recently released, Poggibonsi: An Italian Misadventure? and

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