Comfort Spending

Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman!

How much is enough money? How much do we actually need in the practical sense as opposed to the emotional? Can millions of pounds, or dollars, ever make us feel protected and safe in the non-financial way?


I have long had a somewhat complex relationship with money. My mother (who was a child and adolescent during World War 2) suffered, as did many of her generation, from fear of scarcity, attributable, I am sure, to the horrors of war and rationing. I married a man who shared this fear – and, to be fair, it may well be that his birth, at the end of the war, was responsible for this, at least in part, since the late forties were years of austerity.

Both shared an absolute terror of destitution and a conviction that it was just round the corner. My mother was certain that we were always hovering just…

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