Goodbye, Mrs Chips!

Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman!

In the end, it was simple: Quality of life won out over quantity of money. Prompted by intense stirrings from last night’s Full Moon in Scorpio – and, since it actually reached its zenith this lunch time, its ongoing influence today – I made the decision to stop being a supply teacher.

And, having written my farewell email, and received a lovely acknowledgement, I felt as if a vast and painful boulder had tumbled from my shoulders.

The moment I stopped, I realised how much I had stressed myself out by going back into teaching. As I walked Jumble down the track – a leisurely stroll, without worry or deadlines – I could see what I had missed in those four frenetic months of part-time classroom work: Standing on a stile and looking at the wonderful view, just because; enjoying the colours of May and, today, the warm sun on…

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