Daily Prompt: Bitter Taste; Bitter Soul…

Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman!


I am not, by nature, a bitter and twisted person. In fact, I probably forgive others too easily. This is not to say that I never have fleeting moments of bitterness, because I do, but they tend not to crystallize into crunching resentment and vengeance.

I could have become hunched with bitterness over the past couple of years – and some would probably have understood had I done so: It is galling, and distressing, when people you think you can trust prove to be shallow and bail out when you most need support; it is soul-destroying to have to go through the emotional trauma of unsuccessful counselling followed by the nastiness of divorce; it is deeply distressing to be painted as insane  and a liar and rejected by a small minority on that basis.

But – I have a theory regarding bitterness. It may or may not have any…

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