Chapterbuzz 10k Challenge: Final Update

a beautiful story, I loved it!

Jungle Steve Boseley short storyThis is the end of my short story Jungle. It’s the story of 2 children that discover there is more than just pictures in a book they find.  All the parts can be found on this blog, or you can get the whole thing HERE.  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as I have writing it.

The final part:

As they got closer, they noticed part of the jungle ahead of them begin to move, shake. It was a strange phenomenon, hard to focus on, but Flynn pulled Ellie to one side, ducking down behind a fallen tree. He put his finger to his lips as they crouched down. After a moment, the shimmering scene resolved, and the children saw their mother step into view.

“She’s gonna freak,” said Flynn. “We’d better explain. Come on.” The pair climbed over the tree and started towards their mum.

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